Travelers face Against Many contaminants, What you Know can hurt you

“Many people today go through security in your bare feet or socks,” said Kim Laney, President of Terry Lane products owner “Not only are they spreading germs, but people are picking up other fungi, viruses, dirt, parasites, diseases and various toxins. These bacteria can harm a journey through the mucous membranes, skin and vulnerable areas of our body, our health. You can go undetected almost until the symptoms, then it is too late.

Millions of people go through the airport security in airports every year by their shoes, some with and some of the picking up of dirt, bacteria, fungi, or disease. With an increase of international travelers increases, the wide range of diseases that can be found. A popular airport hosts a Form was called trichophyston, the causes of Tinea and favus, a skin disease of the head. Farvus is usually in the third world or, poor countries.

“If there are people, barefoot, or with socks, they will transmit to another person walking over the same spot,” lower leg disease expert Dr. Daniel Lee said. “I have found concerns about the organisms,” Lee said. “Staphylococcus which was found on an airport-to-ground infections of the skin, which pick up deeply through the layers and people who are sensitive, can it causes.” Lee suggests wearing medical booties through security.

What you don’t know can hurt you! Precautions highly recommended! To our own responsibility. Some airports have started, foot covers for passengers, but not nearly enough to be sure that you are not barefoot are caught on a nasty floor.

There are several companies and products were launched to provide low-cost solutions. is a Website dedicated completely, the TSA cost approved cheap disposable feet cover to wear through airport security, protection of passengers from harmful bacteria and diseases. Unlike socks or paper foot covers surte disposable foot covers are made of polyethylene, a barrier to protect against dirt, bacteria, fungi and mold. It is no longer an excuse to tip-toe through security in your bare feet, as if that will help.

“Not only are the feet covers perfect says in an airport setting,” Laney, “but people are in hotels, airplanes and pool areas. They provide protection and comfort for people who want to take off your shoes.”

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