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Just when you think there is nothing new under the cycle-trips, sun – a new idea squirts some grease on your gears.

How – Why not French cycle travels lifestyle? Not just a holiday option?

Ok – not a new idea for me, bien sur, but then I am an exception. It is not the rule. And so Darren VLV, Alastair Humphreys, Tom Kevill-Davies and Paul Harris. Four dyed in lycra, obsessive, passionate, take no prisoners-cycle nomad/explorer/adventurer.

Everyone keeps the wolf away from the saddle-bags with websites/Blogs/books about their experiences. Great for you, Yes? So – how does this affect you?

Well… now these “Fantastic Four” have lists to cycle lifestyle evangelists are.

Your “Mission Control” is the Bicycle Travel Network. I managed to catch up with Tom Kevill-Davies, the “Hungry cyclist” between mouthfuls recently.

BG – How you were inspired to create it?

TOM – The Bicycle tourism community is small, and all four of us were in contact with each other for some time. Through discussions, it became clear that individually we helped encourage people to look at Bicycle travel as a healthy and happy alternative, but it was also clear that the work as a four, we had a lot more influence. So after a few E-Mails decided to crossed the globe, we pool our resources and try and make a common difference. The result is the Bicycle Travel Network.

TOM – A good question – countless E-Mails went around the four of us, while we were looking for a name, and in the end the network seemed to work best. As well as the provision of financial resources and assistance to first time Bicycle travelers is one of our main goals was to create a network of a new generation of Bicycle travelers, the do what you love and share what you learn from their experiences in an online environment.

BG – What are some of the challenges were that you put together?

TOM – Coming up with a name? No, it was pretty simple in the end… I think the biggest hurdle was to take the try to do of the four founders at any time, to make decisions – hard, if every one of us spends most of our time out on the road in search of adventure. But suddenly we were all talking, it was very clear that we all wanted was the combination of our collective knowledge and experiences with other prospective Bicycle travelers – from then on the whole project on its own momentum and it was downhill from there – so to speak.

BG – what know-how/inspiration etc. not every single member of your team contribute?

TOM –The world of Bicycle travel is small and we were in contact for some time. The knowledge about each other and our different offers, it was clear that each of us on the production of a good head, in the same field of view but with a very different approach. Was Darren, made the first-class technical information for cyclists by the Bicycle Touring Pro, Al leads its field in the motivational consulting and expedition planning, Tom was presented, the more joy and cultural aspects of the Bicycle-trip, while Kate is as a ground breaking female adventurer.

BG – Why the focus on “young people?”, so – why don’t all the people on the same wave length?

TOM – This was a difficult decision. We were not anxious to penalise which has made by the age, but all of them, to promote lectures at schools and youth clubs, the travel with the bike, we were aware of the fact that the younger generation were the ones who needed the most help. Like so many things in life, if you the little push and encouragement you need, if you are young, and the rest is history.

And so budding young Bicycle travelers helps, we hope that we will help Bicycle travelers of all generations in the future.

BG – please Explain your funding strategy/process. (so – how did you prospect for the donor? what is their return, if any, other than the tax?)

TOM – Its early days for the project, but we hope that our main sources of income for the donations through the following sources.

1. Revenues from cost-per-click advertising on a website to a niche market.

2. Donate old appliances, and private donations from generous people who want to help change a young traveler’s life.

BG – What is your goal?

TOM – The trip with the bike the first choice for the adventure or the world.

BG – How can you help people?

TOM – Spread the word – pop, and a link to your blog or web page, and tell your friends! If you are looking for a company with a targeted marketing opportunity for your products, please get in touch! And if you donate a couple of pounds that you can spare you today!


What ya thinkin’are?

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