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As a singer in Dubai

As a singer in Dubai Guide

Dubai is a fantastic location in the Middle East, the Empire can thrive in prosperity and opportunities for new and existing businesses. Dubai is a Prime location for entertainers and singers and be successful in a full-time career in the art you love.

But what it takes to be a singer in Dubai and what you should know as a entertainer who is looking to break into the Dubai entertainment industry?

As a professional singer and performer in Dubai, I have compiled what I’ve discovered during my journey and experiences during the entertainment in the United Arab Emirates.

Before we begin, I would like to point out that I’m not just a nobody. I was a professional singer and entertainer in the world, finally settled in the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai has some of the most fantastic restaurants, beaches and entertainment.

Full with restaurants, hotels, Nightclubs and entertainment venues, it still has never reach such a great location for entertainers, bands and singers, they are full of potential.

To ensure that you have the best chances in the UAE with her career, then follow these simple steps:

Creation of a promotional CD

All the venues and agencies want to hear your voice, before you book. To create a CD, which is from 5 to 10 tracks, enough for you to make an informed decision, before you write them.

Dubai has numerous studios within and in the surroundings of the city, in locations such as Deira, Downtown and Abu Dhabi.

Make sure that you have a wide selection of different genres, so that you can open to more opportunities and locations.

Get professional-looking photos

There is nothing worse than empty-handed in the case of an Agency or a place to ask for professional photos.

A photographer will use a selection of images in hi-resolution, advertising, Websites and social media.

Get on social media

It is important that you begin to create a following as soon as possible. Create fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where people you can find and watch all of their live performances. Allow you to share to your fans and comment to the maximum range.

You will be sure to reply to comments and announce any and all future performance data. Remember that the event places need to be filled in, in order to ensure that you keep singing there!

Print out some business cards

Other is highly embarrassing and unprofessional occasion, when a potential customer or a site asks you for your card, and you do not have to hand you.

You will find that business cards are still very popular in the United Arab Emirates. This is perhaps due to the multi-cultural population of Dubai and the UAE. A good company with affordable printing of business cards, DESCO offers.

A professional and appealing business cards is the fastest way to get your contact information in the right hands and generate some business.

You will be sure that the following information printed on the business card:

· Make it clear what you are offering

· Your Name

· Contact Numbers

· E-Mail Address

· Website Address

You create a website

I have been asked by a number of agencies, if I had a website that you can use to direct your customers to. With an online portfolio the future for many entertainers is almost always.

Your website should look professional, to navigate in its appearance, easy and you can find information, you have embedded your tracks, or linked, and professional images.

Including any video on your website on live performances a performance is advertising powerful tool.

Visit locations

Get dressed and put on your best shoes! Time to go out and start visiting locations to drum up some business.

Easy to visit restaurants, bars, golf clubs, and Nightclubs is a good place to start. To make questions with the entertainment manager in any place.

It is always advisable to call the venue before your visit, to ensure that the person you need to talk to are available, if you are planning to visit.

You register with an Agency or an entertainment company

This really is a matter of course, but it is surprising that if I’m with other singers who are just starting out, you tell me, you still have to do.

The benefits of registering with an entertainment Agency in Dubai, is that you will find more work for you in the region. Some of the work, which maybe one-off and temporary but it still creates revenue for you. More to the point, that you can make more money from the one-off gigs as a regular residency gig. (crazy right?)


Networking in any endeavor has always crucial for success. In the entertainment industry of the United Arab Emirates is no different. It is very much who you know and not what you know, and I’ve seen some extremely bad Entertainer and singer in Dubai for more money, as a good singer and that is the reason.

Go to open-mic-nights and networking events for singers, vocalists and bands in Dubai. These are great places to get your name on the scene and team up with other musicians who share the same passion for music as you.

Singing with a band in Dubai

Some will say that there is nothing better than to hear a live band, the in Dubai, and an exceptional singer together. And I would agree with that. Great bands have serious earning potential in the UAE cities.

You will find a band or other musicians can be quite easy. Insert an ad in the local super markets, community board, or a visit to the open-mic-nights and networking with the members of the band, or bands, of the way in the future.

How much does it cost to earn a professional singer in Dubai?

The sky is the limit. In General, a new singer to the Dubai can expect a scene of 1,500-2,000 Dhs per gig, however, can jump, depending on how well he sought or she is.

As always, in larger Clubs tend to pay more than smaller stages. Hotels and iconic location, the venues are willing to pay more, depending on the quality of the performance.

I really hope that the information I have helps in this guide you with the right tools, you will witness a successful singer in Dubai. If you want more information about me then please visit my website below, and remember that the voice comes first.

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